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Quick start

Pixble transforms images into professional edited images. Our API utilizes state of the art Artificial Intelligence to enhance lighting, color, tone and sharpen blurry images.


Sign up an account at here. Navigate to /key and generate a new API key.


Pixble use an API key to authenticate requests. Authentication to the API is performed via parameters. Provide your API key when you send request as key=[API key]. You do not need to provide a password.

Making a request

To process images, make a POST request to the endpoint with the parameter key being set to your API key along with other operations.

Depending on image size, the processing time varies. You can use a Webhook to make sure it is handled when your image is processed.

API Endpoint

Request body


curl -X POST \
	-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d "{
    		'task': 9 \
    		'key': [Your API Key] \
   			'data': [Base64 image data] \


const fs = require ("fs")
const request = require('request');

const data = fs.readFileSync('./image.jpeg', {encoding: 'base64'});

request ("", {
	method: "POST",
	headers: {"Content-Type': 'application/json"} 
	body: JSON.stringify({
		"task": 9,
		"key": [Your API Key],
		"data": data
}).then((res) => {

	console.log (res)


import requests
import base64

image = open('./image.jpeg', 'rb')

data = base64.encodestring(

body = {
	"task": 9,
	"key": [Your API Key],
	"data": data

res ="", data = body)

print (res)


The request needs to specify which task to perform on the image.

Task Name Description
9 Pixble Magic Automatically fix lighting, color, tone. Sharpen blurry images


** Task 9: Pixble Magic**

  • clarify_image Boolean: 1 and 0 (default: 1). Toggle AI pixel enhancement option. It automatically clarifies blurry images by using state of the art AI algorithm.
  • adv_illumin Float: 0 to 5 (default: 1.3). Adjust the illumination of the image with AI algorithm. 0 is no adjustment and 5 is being the maximum brightness.
  • color_correction Boolean: 1 and 0 (default: 1). Advanced color and tone correction option. It automatically balance all the colors and tone to make sure they look stunning.


Once the request is made, a response is sent as following:

  error_code: '',
  error_message: '',
  status: true,
  result: {
    sid: 'si_3CRjTFLXIpZTYxraY2lP1',
    job_id: 'jb_M0M2NfgnXIjL1VnyQVs8v',
    credit_left: 137.8,
    credit_used: 1.2,
    uuid: '39b394cf-649c-4ccb-a0b4-f83e2103737e'
  timestamp: 1639335021377

The parameters below are important for the request.

  • status Boolean. It is to describe if the request is successful
  • job_id Varchar. It is the unique job id to retrieve the result image in the later time

Retrieve the result

Depending on the size of the image, the processing can vary from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. To check the status of the job, make a GET request to the following endpoint with your job id and your API key.

API Endpoint[job id]?key=[API key]

The response is as followed. For the both input and output file, we store them for 60 days once they are done.

  • status int. There are different status code for the request. Please see below section. 11 is sccuessful. 312 is processing. 912 is failed.

To download the images, make a GET request to the following endpoint with your file id or job id and API key[API key]


The easiest way to be notified when the job is done is to setup a callback. You can setup a email callback and a webhook call at the account page after you login.

The webhook send the POST request once the job is done. If your server responds with error (status code ≥ 400), the next retry will occur in 10 seconds. 1 minutes after the previous request and 2 minutes afterward.